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  1. Troubles with WP Cron and existing posts auto-reposter

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    March 5, 2014 by nextscripts

    “Existing posts auto-reposter” functionality will be disabled if WP Cron is not configured correctly.

    It’s been more then three months since we released SNAP for WordPress Version 3.0 with “Existing posts auto-reposter” functionality. It was one of the most requested features and a lot of people are enjoying it. However this feature brought a lot of troubles to us. The problem is that this feature could work properly only with correctly configured (healthy) WP Cron. It turned out that a lot of people have no idea what is “WP Cron”, how does it work, and why it’s important to keep it healthy. Combination of unhealthy WP Cron and “Existing posts auto-reposter” feature could cause: no auto-repostings, no auto-postings, many duplicate postings and repostings, site crashes, 500 Internal server errors, etc.. and of course we are getting the blame for all those problems.

    We don’t feel that we deserve all thos