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  1. New Strategy and SNAP for WordPress Version 3.5

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    March 2, 2016 by nextscripts

    Today we are announcing SNAP for WordPress Version 3.5. It will be released on Friday, March 4, 2016. This version is a result of our decision to change our release strategy. We are still working on completely new and totally re-written version 4. That version will be a major release and it already took a lot of time to develop. We realized that while we are sitting on some cool features that were made for upcoming V4, version 3.4 already got 32 almost featureless releases. We are sitting on them for too long. Some of those features require brand new V4 platform and engine, but some of them can be easily ported to V3 and work along with the old code.

    So we decided to make several smaller releases instead of keep people waiting for one big.

    We are starting with version 3.5 that got new API connection engine. New engine comes with highly optimized, smaller and faster V4 API connector files. We created a way for new API connection engine to seamlessly work with the old on

  2. Upcoming Version 4 Features: Post Filters


    October 26, 2015 by nextscripts

    Version 4 is coming out soon. One of the new features is “Filters” – an ability to define exactly what posts should go to each configured networks.


    Current version allows so filter all posts by categories and custom post types and additionally filter each network by categories and tags.


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  3. Upcoming Version 4 Features: Auto-Reposting


    December 5, 2014 by nextscripts

    Version 4 is coming out soon. One of the most important new features is a completely redone auto-reposting.

    Auto-reposting in version 3 was done as on/off switch per network and separate include/exclude property per each post. It was very complicated and some reposting scenarios that were not possible or very hard to setup:

    – Repeat one particular tweet each day at 9AM
    – Auto-Repost only posts from specific categories or tags
    – Auto-Repost only posts written by specific author.
    – Auto-Repost only “Image” format posts, not “Link” or “Standard”.
    – Auto-Repost some specific posts from 9AM to 11AM and some different posts from 6PM to 9PM

    Version 4 will use Reposter Actions. Each Reposter Action can be configured individually and you can setup what posts should be posted to what networks and when should it happen.

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