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  1. New Release: SNAP for WordPress Version 3.1.1

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    January 15, 2014 by nextscripts

    SNAP for WordPress Version 3.1.1 has been released. This version brings compliance with “Jan 14 Twitter API changes” as well as some bug fixes and stability/compatibility improvements.

    = 3.1.1 [01/14/2013] =

    * Improvement/Bug Fix – Update for Jan 14 Twitter API change – requirement for ONLY secured SSL connections
    * Improvement/Bug Fix – Better compatibility with some WP Admin themes – like fixed missing “Update Settings” button
    * Improvement/Bug Fix – Stability improvements and better error handling for WordPress based sites.
    * Improvement/Bug Fix – Some fixes, improvements and optimizations to the re-posting functionality.
    * Improvement/Bug Fix – More clear interface for category filters.
    * Bug Fix – Missing Twitter image on servers without proper “Content-Length” header
    * Bug Fix – Duplicate categories filter for Twitter has been removed.<br

  2. Twitter V1 API retirement and SNAP version 2.7.15

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    June 12, 2013 by nextscripts

    While most of the plugin were written using new V1.1 Twitter API, one function were still partially dependent on old …
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  3. Twitter: “Status contains malware” problem.

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    March 25, 2013 by nextscripts

    Twitter has blocked the whole gd.is URL Shortener. Please switch to some other URL shortener until that resolved. You can …
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  4. New Release: Version 2.7.2

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    February 28, 2013 by nextscripts

    The new version 2.7.2 has been released. It has better settings page interface, FriendFeed support, ability “Spin” message post templates, …
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  5. New Release: Version 2.4.8

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    December 21, 2012 by nextscripts

    The new version 2.4.8 has been released. It has some bug fixes for Pinterest, StumbleUpon and Twitter = 2.4.8 = …
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  6. New Release: Version 2.4.0 – Facebook and Twitter “Photo” Posts

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    December 13, 2012 by nextscripts

    The new version 2.4 has been released. It has some big improvements to the Facebook and Twitter. It ads ability …
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