Instagram “checkpoint_required” Issue (Fixed) and SNAP Plugin for WordPress Version 4.1.1

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December 8, 2017 by nextscripts

Sometimes Instagram decides that login from SNAP is “unusual” and asks for confirmation. Until yesterday, you just had to open Instagram on your phone and tap “This was me” button on “We have detected an unusual login attempt” screen. Yesterday this stopped working. Instagram is still asking you to confirm the login, but confirmation has no effect on the actual login anymore. You are still going to be told that “checkpoint_required” next time you try to use SNAP.

So we had to switch to a different way of Instagram account confirmation. Please update your plugin to the version 4.1.1. When you click “Send test post to Instagram” and Instagram decide that your login is “unusual”, you will be asked to enter the code. Please check your Instagram email or phone message for the code and enter it. SNAP will be working fine with Instagram after that.

== Changelog ==

= 4.1.1 [12/08/2017] =

* New – “SNAP Quick Post” custom post type is now available in reposter.
* Improvement – Better protection against duplicates.
* Improvement/Bug Fix – [Instagram] We have added a different way of dealing with “checkpoint_required” message.
* Bug Fix – [StumbleUpon] “Invalid Token” issue.

You can install it directly from your WP Admin panel or download it from


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