Upcoming Version 4 Features: Auto-Reposting


December 5, 2014 by nextscripts

Version 4 is coming out soon. One of the most important new features is a completely redone auto-reposting.

Auto-reposting in version 3 was done as on/off switch per network and separate include/exclude property per each post. It was very complicated and some reposting scenarios that were not possible or very hard to setup:

– Repeat one particular tweet each day at 9AM
– Auto-Repost only posts from specific categories or tags
– Auto-Repost only posts written by specific author.
– Auto-Repost only “Image” format posts, not “Link” or “Standard”.
– Auto-Repost some specific posts from 9AM to 11AM and some different posts from 6PM to 9PM

Version 4 will use Reposter Actions. Each Reposter Action can be configured individually and you can setup what posts should be posted to what networks and when should it happen.

V4 Reposter

Reposter Action has 4 configurable sections

1. You can Activate/Deactivate the Reposter and set ho to get your posts – One-by-one or Randomly.

V4 Reposter

2. You can choose what networks this Reposter should post to.

V4 Reposter

3. You can set how often to posts as well as what time it should start and stop.

V4 Reposter

4. You can define what posts, pages or other custom post types will be posted.

SNAP can find posts by …

– Categories and tags
– Exact dates
– Timeframes
– Types, Statuses, Formats
– Authors
– Get Exact posts and pages
– Search patterns
– Meta fields
V4 Reposter

– Taxonomies


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