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  1. New Release: SNAP for WordPress Version 3.4.1

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    July 16, 2014 by nextscripts

    SNAP for WordPress Version 3.4.1 has been released. This version adds new network Kippt and support for WordPress 3.9 and PHP 5.5 as well as many bug fixes.

    Versions 3.4.x will be the last of V3 family. We already started working on the version 4, which will bring new interface and many new features including completely revamped “Old Posts Re-Posting”.

    = 3.4.1 [07/16/2014] =

    * New – New network “Kippt”. Post your blogpost links to your Kippt Lists.
    * Improvement – Full PHP 5.5 compatibility including fixed for all “depreciated” notices.
    * Improvement – Full WordPress 3.9 and TinyMCE 4.0 compatibility including fixed for all “depreciated” notices.
    * Bug Fix – Checkboxes/Radiobuttons got incorrectly unchecked
    * Bug Fix – [Facebook] Fix for “Please make sure your redirect_uri is identical to the one you used in the OAuth dialog request” problem.

  2. Life on the next planet

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    July 15, 2014 by nextscripts

    Life on the next planet